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Offices in China? (fact #3 is about me)

The Problem

Like waters, some work cultures are terrific, others tolerable, still others are toxic or near toxic at best. When work cultures aren't clear, team member health suffers; productivity decreases and turnover increases. Any one of  these problems loses money for a company. Taken together, the negative impact is even greater.

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The Cause

Research shows that company and team challenges often hinge on a workplace culture - environments created by what leaders are doing or not doing. When actions are missing or wrong actions taken, unwanted stuff falls into the company's workplace culture. This causes frustrations, lowers productivity, and increases turnover. Most leaders mean well, they just need clarity about how to create and sustain a high impact work culture.

The Missing Piece

Many managers bring knowledge, energy, and experience to their work. What many are missing, however, is an overarching strategy that can guide them to being elite managers for their teams and organizations.   

The Solution

High impact work cultures; those that experience the most productive teams and see the least amount of HR issues, have leaders who know and leverage three key areas of management success. Get my free whitepaper, The Essentials of Management Excellence, to see if my insights match your experiences with managers - what works for creating a high impact work culture. 

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