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A.P. Grow Workshops and Keynotes

for organizations that understand the value of management excellence


The Essentials of High Impact Work Cultures

What areas are you looking to improve - productivity, retention, brand, customer loyalty, sales? The foundation for improving any of these areas is a a high impact work culture. The foundation for a high impact work culture? Quality leadership. This is why I focus on leadership excellence. I bring music, magic, personal experiences and even classic poetry to the stage to create a fun, memorable, and highly applicable message for leaders to use to create the work culture that will lead to the results they are looking for.  

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Communication and Versatility for Management Excellence

My Communication for Management Excellence course begins by teaching the concepts of TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility—a proven interpersonal skills model extensively researched and used throughout the world. (Yes, most appropriate for a globally diverse workforce.)

In the second half of this full-day workshop, participants practice applying workshop concepts to common workplace situations.  Managers with these communication skills are:

  • better at managing conflict
  • more effective as a coach or mentor
  • better prepared to support diversity and inclusiveness on their teams and in the organization
  • faster and identifying how to most effectively interact direct reports

In short, participants who apply concepts taught in this workshop improve their communication versatility skills to become better managers.

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Leading for Management Excellence

Available in one or two-day formats, in this workshop, I leverage Kouzes and Posner's research-supported and extensively adopted Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership model.

I hold, as do Kouzes and Posner, that leadership involves a specific set of learnable behaviors that, when put into practice creates productive teams that are filled with people who will want to stay connected with their supervisor and the organization.

Managers who learn and apply principles taught in this workshop receive:

  • recommendations for modeling the way in all aspects of work
  • skills to Inspire a shared vision
  • strategies for appropriately challenging processes to improve organizational systems and practices
  • delegation techniques that enable team member action
  • multiple ideas to encourage the heart of team members
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