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A little bit about myself

What sets me apart?

  • 25+ years studying the science of management with just as much personal management experience around the world?  Plenty of experienced people around.
  • My MBA studies and a doctorate in Leadership? Lots of people with degrees.
  • My fluency in Mandarin Chinese? Hmm, that is different. But only helpful if you're wanting me to work with groups in China.
  • My membership in the National Speakers Association (NSA) and current president of NSA Northwest? This is good. I do know how to keep audiences engaged.  
  • 3 business-related books? Lots of authors out there too.


Qualifications? Sure, I've got them. But the real differentiator; my unique insights (and your applying them).

  • You want someone who keeps up with the research; not just repeat it, but to add perspective it and share how it can be applied.
  • Companies need an individual who knows how to collect data from the inside and interpret it to recommend process, practice, and culture shifts that improves productivity, increases retention, and reduces the chance of management missteps that could lead to litigation.
  • Learn a Management Excellence Model that can be easily remembered and applied.  These insights about what makes great management is something no one else is talking about (but they should be).

Do you want management excellence practiced throughout your organization?
Give me a call. Let's talk about that.

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