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About A.P. Grow





What sets Dr. Arron Grow apart?

  • Is it his 20+ years of management research and being a manager for stateside and overseas operations in technology, food production, and higher education? Nah, plenty of experienced people around.
  • Is it his MBA studies and his doctorate in leadership? Couldn't be. We all know what PhD stands for. (Hint: piled high and deeper).
  • What about his fluency in Mandarin Chinese from years of living and working in China along with the understanding of China culture this brings? Hmm, that is different. Not a lot of folks raised in rural Oregon can claim this but still... 
  • Could it be his professional level membership in the National Speakers Association (NSA) and current president of NSA Northwest? This just means that when he takes the stage or joins sessions online, you can be pretty sure he'll keep your people engaged as he speaks (which, admittedly, is pretty important).  
  • And he is the of three business-related books and a regular contributor to online and print media?  Yes. Getting warmer.

Qualifications, sure, he's got them. But the real differentiator: his unique and valuable insights.

  • He keeps up with the research, but he doesn't just repeat it, he adds perspective to it.
  • Through formal training hands-on experience, he knows how to collect data about an organization and interpret it to recommend process, practice, and culture shifts that improves productivity, increases retention, and reduces the chance of management missteps that could lead to litigation.
  • His Management Excellence Model serves as the foundation for his work in advancing management excellence. His insights about what management development should be is something no one else is talking about (but they should be).

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